Monday, May 30, 2011

Sooo... Touch the Stars.

did it about 3 years ago, as a little side project while working on microcosmos. At that time I was in the army, and didn't really have the time to get it done. I left it 95% finished and forget about it for 3 years.
Until about two weeks ago, when I found it laying around my computer. I actually had to use a decompiler to figure out what font I used, and write a few old external AS files that got lost over the years.
But eventually I got it to compile, tweaked it a little, and now it's out.
See? I finish what I start.

1 comment:

MKM said...

Hi there, love your game called Areas!

Could you let me know what song you used for it? I love it!

By the way, don't give up as a developer because you aren't getting a lot of attention. Keep it up, hopefully one day you'll get the attention you deserve.