Friday, September 26, 2008

Microcosmos is getting tedious.

What I need here is a purpose. I need to see the end coming.
In Areas I had it simple - half a day's work and a new area or powerup is finished. With microcosmos I can work on a single formation for a week, only to realize it's basic concept is flawed.
So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna stop tweaking the game engine, and start working on the actual game. By mid November I'll have 15 more formations, and then I'll start working on the interface. Shouldn't take more then a month, given that I currently have no idea how the interface is going and even if I had, I'd probably end up making something completely different. Then two weeks for the story and story implementation, and it's 2009. One week for final tweaking, and then, say, two months for beta-testing, refining, beta testing again, etc. now we're in February. One more week for some final fixes, Two more weeks for stuff I can't predict, and the game should be ready at March 2009.

March 09. Yeah.