Friday, July 4, 2008


Imagine being alone at the end of the universe. Vast nothing all around you, everywhere. No more stars, no more planets, no more light, no more matter. Your existence means nothing, everything there is is still dead. You're less then a tiny grain of dust, hardly a squeak, compared to the size of the universe. It's dead, and it will stay dead.
Unless you can "restart" it. Pull everything there is into a tiny spot and re-create the big bang. You will die doing that, but the universe will be reborn.
The problem is, you're not actually alone. Lacking any other purpose to exist, knowing nothing else matters, being just like you want to recreate the bang themselves. But you can't let them. It's not about a search of glory - no one will know what happened here. It's about not dying in vein. Everyone will die if the bang is recreated, but only the creator will die knowing his death meant something.

No idea when I'm going to create this game, but one day I will.


Arek said...

Surely that would make a great game, your old ones are nice :)

Dylan said...

sounds more like a movie or book... amazing though